A good PLM vision offers manufacturing companies great opportunities

A good PLM vision offers manufacturing companies great opportunities

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Skopos is the independent specialist in the field of PLM software and other business software for manufacturing companies. We focus on the customer-driven and stock-producing manufacturing industry: engineer-to-order, configure-to-order, build to print and made to stock. In addition, service management becomes an increasingly important part of the service offering at many of our clients. Within these markets, we have special knowledge with regard to the challenges in family businesses, multinationals, and fast-growing companies.

In realising your strategy, the balance between your organisation (resources), your processes, your products, your services, and your information is essential. Even when your business processes are in order and your organisation is solid, without the right business software you will be stuck in your ambition. Skopos is an expert partner who, from this philosophy, will work with you to find the most suitable solution. We focus on the critical processes that make your business unique, and in addition have consideration for the cultural and change aspects.

PLM, where are your opportunities?

Are you a manufacturing company and is your product the backbone of your business? Then there are many opportunities for grabs. A good PLM vision offers you the following opportunities:

  • Faster time-to-market or time-to-production for new products through a controlled and improved development process.
  • An increase in customer satisfaction and reduction in failure costs by supplying better quality products to your customers.
  • Improved margins by lowering production costs, through an increase in re-used components/parts and a more efficient development process.
  • An increase of flexibility towards customers as a result of the availability of the right product data and the greatly improved collaboration between design disciplines (mechanical, electrical, software, systems).

A good PLM vision is the basis for the realisation of the aforementioned opportunities. Such a vision makes it possible to handle the complete product lifecycle and therefore get the maximum return out of a product. This PLM vision is not just about the domain of Engineering. It is also about Sales, Production, Supply Chain Management and Service Management. After all, your processes should run smoothly throughout the business. Ultimately, this vision describes the role of the PLM system with a corresponding roadmap.

Does realisation require large investments and long implementations?

The beauty of PLM implementations is that, in contradiction to ERP implementations, these can be carried out in phases. After all, PLM is, more often than ERP, a renewal question as opposed to a replacement question. This limits the risks and you can achieve the first benefits relatively quick.

Five steps

Below we have included an example of phased implementation. Each step separately and directly generates its own benefits for the company:

    1. Integration of 3DCAD-Mechanical/PLM, where the engineering and design process is placed under PLM supervision. This integration creates consistency between the 3D model and the Engineering BOM, which prevents differences and errors in the design process. In addition, it facilitates working with teams on one common design.
    2. Interface PLM-ERP, where PLM becomes the ‘master’ of the technical article data. This avoids confusion in the workplace about the right article data and prevents mistakes. In addition, high efficiency gains are achieved when implementing product changes.
    3. Optimising re-use by implementing modular design of products, as far as possible. The PLM system supports variant design, system architecture and requirements management. In the quotation process, the collaboration between Sales and Engineering improves. This enables optimal reuse of standard modules.
    4. Optimising internal collaboration. During this step product data sharing is expanded with, for example, quality specifications, test documents, product manuals, etc. This will further utilize the possibilities of the PLM system.
    5. The collaboration with partners. In this example, the collaboration with your partners improves. The exchange of product data between partners has been brought under PLM supervision. This also means that the product data exchange between employees of different partners is optimised. This will greatly improve and accelerate the development processes.

These five steps illustrate a development of product data management, from within the department to product data management, across the company boundaries in the chain. For every company the steps to be taken are unique. What steps to take and at what pace depends on your business, your objectives, your ambition, the product you produce and your ability to change.

What makes Skopos’ approach unique?

Skopos distinguishes itself from other PLM specialists through the strategic and integral approach of the PLM question. Besides specialist PLM knowledge, we have extensive knowledge of all logistical processes and corresponding business software systems. We look at the big picture. Engineering is not supposed to be an isolated island within the company, but part of the total production process. In short, we look at what is best for the entire company.

Not only your PLM vision and your business processes make you unique, but it is your people who truly make the difference. The realisation of a PLM strategy is primarily human work. You therefore, need a human partner who can empathise in the specific matter, who understands your business and your culture. Skopos is such a partner.

This is also true voor your supplier. A new PLM system will be implemented by your supplier that you will enter into a long-term cooperation with. During the PLM implementation, we will, together with you, not only search for the best solution, but also for a supplier with the right fit. A supplier who is knowledgeable and that has a good cultural fit with you. This supplier will be an important part of the success in the future. With Skopos you get an expert and pragmatic partner who, together with you, will find a robust PLM solution, along with the most suitable supplier, that supports you in realizing the highest achievable return.


If our story appeals to you, please contact us or ask your question directly to our company director, Ruud Haring or senior advisor, Peter Marijnen.