A good ERP selection results in maximum return

Skopos Return-creators

Skopos is the independent specialist in the field of ERP and other business software, in the business to business market. We mainly focus on industry, trade and professional-services companies. Within these markets, we specialise in ERP projects for family and fast-growing businesses. We guide companies in their ERP selection and show our commitment by assisting our clients during the ERP implementation. Skopos stands for achieving success together and for  transforming ERP software in financial and organisational return.

ERP selection, an opportunity or a risk?

For Skopos, the selection of ERP software is an opportunity, rather than a risk. An opportunity to select the right  tools for your company, with which you can improve your competitive position. Success always starts with the right preparation and the selection of the best solution. If the solution is broader than ERP, Skopos is the right partner as well.  Skopos has, besides ERP knowledge, elaborate knowledge of other business software like CRM, ERP, PLM and/or MES software. Of course, ERPpotentially comes with certain risks, but Skopos is a partner who, as a result of more than 20 years’ experience, that knows these risks and pitfalls and is perfectly capable to support you in avoiding and mitigating these risks.

What makes Skopos’ approach unique?DRIEHOEK SKOPOS

In realising your strategy, the balance between your organisation (resources), your processes, your products, your services, and your information is essential. Even when your business processes are in order and your organisation is solid, without the right business software you will be stuck in your ambition. Skopos is an expert partner who, from this philosophy, will work with you to find the best fitting ERP solution. We focus on the critical processes that make your business unique. The new ERP solution must perfectly support these critical processes. Not only your processes make you unique, but it is your people that truly make the difference. A new ERP system will be implemented by your supplier  that you will enter into a long-term cooperation with. During the ERP implementation, we will, together with you, not only search for the best solution, but also for  a  supplier with the right fit. A supplier who is knowledgeable and  that has a good cultural fit with you. This supplier represents 50% of your future success. With Skopos you get an expert and pragmatic partner who, together with you, will find a robust ERP solution, along with the most suitable supplier, that supports you in realizing the highest achievable return.


If our story appeals to you, please contact us, or ask your question directly to our company’s directors, Gerrit Vixseboxse, or Ruud Haring.