Our Skopos approach PLM

The Skopos approach PLM

Skopos distinguishes itself from other PLM specialists by its strategic Skopos approach of the PLM issue. In addition to specialist PLM knowledge, we have an extensive knowledge of all logistical processes and associated business software. That is why we are able to look at the big picture. Engineering should not be an isolated island within the company, but the start of the entire production process.

What is PLM?

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is the process of managing the entire lifecycle of a product. From idea through technical design and manufacturing, to use and service at the customer in the field. PLM integrates people, data, processes and business systems and provides a product information backbone for companies.

What does Skopos offer you?

The Skopos PLM approach helps you to define your PLM strategy. In addition, we help you to select and implement a PLM system. For this purpose, we have developed the following services. Our services are:

Skopos Methodology

PLM Pressure Cooker

Do you wonder if your engineering processes run smoothly? Is your product data optimally managed throughout the product life cycle? Do you have a clear view of what product data is flowing through your company and how this is done?

The Pressure Cooker is an excellent way to expose the most important weak points in your processes, supporting ICT applications and organisation against low cost and in a short period of time. In a short period of time, we define your most important challenges in your (PLM)processes, the IT landscape and your organisation, as well as provide you with potential solutions to these challenges.

Through interviews and work shops we obtain a thorough view of how your product data system works, where you want to go with your product data and what opportunities for improvement your organisation has. The delivered report including, an  actionable plan, forms the basis for a good PLM strategy.

  • The result of these workshop(s) and interviews is an interactive presentation. This will contain the bottlenecks and improvement opportunities of your organisation. We present a draft PLM strategy in outline, including a prioritization proposal.

PLM strategy

With a clear vision  of  your PLM objectives, you as a company will be able to improve your product development and management in a structured way. Through workshops with the board and management, the PLM strategy and PLM roadmap will be developed, which will give your company the desired PLM direction for several years to come.

  • The result is a detailed PLM strategy including a roadmap for an agreed period.


PLM Process and information analysis

A clear strategy and prioritization is followed by a PLM process and information analysis,including identification of configuration management needs. This process and information analysis is carried out by means of interactive workshops with the key users in your organisation. This approach increases the support for the improvements and PLM implementation. We transform your employees into process thinkers, as this is crucial for a good PLM project.

  • The result is a document, which includes the process descriptions of the future situation, the information needs, a gap/fit analysis with the current situation and a list of requirements for PLM. In addition, an enthusiastic organisation that is eager to work on the improvements itself.

Package selection

Together with you, we draw up a request for a quotation and a demo case , based on the process and information analysis. We will also quickly come up with a short list of suitable suppliers and packages. The suppliers give their demo  based on this demo case. Then we assess the suppliers and their information systems on all important aspects: from functionality to user-friendliness, on the technology, continuity and costs. But also on the “click” with the supplier, implementability and manageability of the package.

  • The result is a selection of a preferred supplier including a complete quotation for the related costs.


Contracting new business software is not a daily routine for most companies. This means that you will quickly lose out commercially  to savvy supplier. Skopos can help you negotiate a good contract. A good contract is a mutual commitment and eliminates many risks during the implementation.

  • The result is a contract with the preferred supplier for the delivery of PLM software and the execution of the implementation.

Implementation guidance

Implementing new business software demands a great deal of your company. The process is costly, time consuming, complex, risky and unknown territory for most companies. We guide you through this process, enabling you to achieve goals within your budget and time. With a project manager and solution architect (sometimes united in one person, depending on your situation) you can keep a grip on the PLM implementation process.

  • The result is good guidance during the implementation phase for the customer


Skopos helps you to draft and implement an optimization plan,  that helps you achieve the full return on your investment. A PLM optimization lends itself perfectly to a phased approach. This gives you, step by step, concrete results from which your company directly benefits.

  • The result is good supervision of the optimization process, supported by a complete optimization plan.

Want to know more?

If our story suits you, contact us. Or ask your questions directly to Gerrit Vixseboxse or Ruud Haring.


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