Our Skopos approach ERP

The Skopos approach

For Skopos, the selection of ERP software is not a risk, but an opportunity. A chance to select the right tools to strengthen your competitive position. We offer you a partner who, thanks to  over twenty years of experience, knows all risks and supports you in avoiding the prifalls and mitigating these risks. Wherever you are in the lifecycle of your business software,  you can involve us in every phase: from the ICT pressure cooker, process analysis, information analysis and application architecture to the selection, contracting, implementation and final optimization. Even when your needs are broader than ERP. You can come to us with questions about all types of business software that complete your toolbox: including CRM, Product Configuration, PLM and MES. In addition, we help you with all the competencies your employees need to work with this software.

What else makes us stand out?

Our people. Each and every one of them is an experienced consultant, with a background in the sector in which they are active. They recognise the processes in the industry par excellence, or, for example, the characteristic dynamics within family businesses. They can, just as easily, operate in corporate environments with multiple international offices. We constantly strive for open communication within our projects,  to ensure  a clear and pleasant cooperation. And contrary to what is customary in our market for ERP consultants, we believe in building up a relationship between our client and the software suppliers at an early stage. In our experience a good cooperation in the triangle customer-supplier-advisor leads to the best project result.

Our service  offering

Our people, our experience and our working method all come together in the Skopos service package.

Skopos Methodology

Pressure cooker

Do you question the state of your current ICT landscape? The Skopos Pressure Cooker is an excellent way of exposing the most important weak points in your processes, the ICT landscape and organisation  at low cost and in a short period of time. We do this by means of intensive workshops and interviews with stakeholders within your organisation. The objective conclusions, recommendations and concrete actions from these sessions are presented in an interactive presentation.

Developing a business software strategy

A good vision of your application architecture ensures good information supply and enables continuous optimization of business processes. In practice, many organisations have to cope with a historical grown ‘spaghetti’ of information systems, which blocks the further development of the entire software landscape. Through interactive workshops with the board and management, we help to develop a business software strategy and IT roadmap, that will provide your company’s information supply with the right direction for several years to come.

Process and information analysis

It is necessary for your organisation, to have a clear process and information analysis available before entering the phase of selection and contracting of new business software. Here you identify waste, risks and improvement opportunities. Together with the core users in your organisation, we will draw up a detailed document, which will focus on the processes that differentiate your company in the market. This document includes process descriptions of the desired future situation and information needs, a gap/fit analysis with the current situation and a list of requirements. In addition, our analysis describes the most important ICT principles, the application architecture, the IT-roadmap and, last but not least, the development of your ICT team itself. The process and information analysis is drawn up as much as possible by your own employees, with the guidance of Skopos. This increases the support for the process improvements and the ERP implementation. We develop your employees into process thinkers, which is crucial for a successful ERP project. The result: a solid basis for a successful implementation.

Package selection

Together with you, we draw up a request for a quotation and a demonstration case on the basis of the process and information analysis. We will also  provide you with a short list of suitable suppliers and packages, based on our experience and knowledge of future ERP developments. The suppliers give their demonstrations based on this demo case. We then assess the suppliers and their information systems on all important aspects: from functionality to user-friendliness, on the technology, continuity and the costs, but also on the “click” with the supplier, implementability and manageability of the package.


For most companies, contracting new business software is not a daily routine. After all, a new system is selected for many years. This means that you will quickly lose out commercially  to a savvy supplier. We strive for a good contract with the supplier, in which expectations are clear and commercial conditions balanced. Good contracting leads to clear costs, a clear scope and no fuss about  responsibilities. A good contract is a mutual commitment and eliminates many risks during the implementation. The process and information analysis proves its added value once again during the contracting process.

Implementation guidance

The implementation of new business software requires a lot from a company. It is costly, time consuming, complex, risky and unknown territory for most companies. We guide you through this process, enabling you to achieve your goals within your budget and time frame. With a project manager and solutions architect (sometimes united in one person, depending on your situation) you keep  grip on the project in terms of both process and content.


In practice, many organisations find it hard to optimize after an intensive implementation project. The basic implementation is a heavy burden for the organisation and the urgency of optimizations is often lower. This is understandable and it is because of this, that organisations have trouble realising the full return of their investments. Especially with optimization projects, the software pays for itself by facilitating process improvements. We help you to draw up – and implement – a solid optimization plan, which will enable you to build on the foundation laid during the implementation. This allows you to get the most out of your ERP investment.

Want to know more?

If our story suits you, please contact us. Or ask your question directly to Gerrit Vixseboxse or Ruud Haring.


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